The foundations of a successful career move

The foundations of a successful career move

Joseph Sullivan For job seekers

Should I stay or should I go? It’s a question we often face in our career and in our personal lives.

Indecision steals time we never get back. We either stay put and  continue being unhappy, or look for something else without full commitment and for the wrong reasons.

The chances are if you’re reading this article, you have been contemplating a change.

The goal of this piece is to help you decide whether you want a move; to help crystallise your thinking on whether you should begin a new job search.

Career search foundations

In my early work in recruitment I witnessed projects fall apart at the finish line; candidates were given offers and decided to pull back for different reasons. Time was wasted on both sides. In some cases there was a failure to identify early indicators that those people weren’t ready for a move (redundancy coming, lengthy commute etc.).

To add value to a career search I realised that I needed to meet everyone concerned in person before interview to better understand their situation. At least 60% of communication is non-verbal (sort of). And besides the better conversation depth, it was great to get out of the office and meet new people.

I learned how to complement a person’s job search by looking and listening at these early stages, and helping formulate plans with a fresh perspective.

I would urge anyone considering a move to seek out a different perspective, and treat their own situation with the same formula above. Recruiters in your niche are generally a good option.

In short, the majority of job specs you’ll see online are stale copy and pastes. If you’re applying directly to companies you’re often lost in a communal HR mailbox.  You don’t know if the budget is actually there for the advertised job. You don’t know if your details have been considered.

Of course, your process may still not work out if you pursue them with a recruiter – the position may not be a match or you may not like the supervisor you interviewed with. But you’ll have learned something useful and have a relationship to build on.

Maybe you’re dealing with several recruitment avenues if you have already started your search? Try to cut out the lesser quality relationships that add no value and drain your time.

Auditing the present

Mindfulness techniques can be applied here for a fairly robust nod in the right direction. Take some time to pay attention to the present, working the issues that have caused you to question your current situation. Step back and flesh out what’s important to you.

Nothing in life is ever perfect, but if you can identify realistic room to improve having nailed down the issues, you can take meaningful action.

Your personal list of questions to ask yourself is your own, work on it. Once you get some answers from yourself (easier said than done), decide whether to take the next step and discuss options in more detail.

To add – having an advocate who works for you in the background, gratis, can be hugely beneficial for your career now and into the future.

Allocate time to think

Things get easier when you have taken the time and to address the background issues in your day-to-day work.

This basic process is the first step in a positive career move experience. Whether you decide to begin the process of changing jobs or stay where you are – you’ll get more time back and more peace of mind either way. You’ll have more mental energy to concentrate on other areas in your life. You will have made a decision.

Write down whats important for you, weigh up the pros and cons, and seize the day if the time is right.


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The foundations of a successful career move
Article Name
The foundations of a successful career move
This goal of this piece is to help you decide whether you want a move; to help crystallise your thinking on whether you should begin a new job search.
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Finsearch professional recruitment
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