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    Finsearch Professional Recruitment Ltd.

    Liffey Trust Centre, 1 N Wall Quay, North Dock, Dublin 1, IFSC

    01 556 3446

    Our goal is to add value to your career search and help you to grow your career. Finsearch professional recruitment are the first step for our clients in sourcing new talent for their Compliance & Asset-management positions.

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    Complimenting your career search:

    We listen and give you as much extra insight as possible into market and the possibilities for you.

    If we can help on the phone then let’s arrange meet in person where possible.

    If our clients don’t have openings that match your goals, we’ll either wait until they do, or seek out the position on your behalf.

    Our aim is to add value and streamline your process, working closely with our clients and hiring managers. We fully understand our client’s business to better inform you;

    1. exactly what the job entails
    2. their key focus
    3. what their goals are
    4. company culture
    5. their clients
    6. parking, flexitime, the pension percentage
    7. reporting lines

    Our clients will know you’re serious when we introduce you.

    Getting you and your target team on the same page in every respect, we’ll also help with tailored interview strategy ideas.


    You will have your entire process managed for you in detail, from accurate directions to regular unprompted updates on where your process is.


    Crucially, we’ll tell you if you were successful (or not) when we have news, with accompanying feedback.