We transform how your organisation attracts & engages talent.

And save you a bunch of money doing it.

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Cutting to the chase - what will we do for you?

We'll audit your current recruitment process and show where you can make significant savings. Then we'll re-create your employer brand, creating content & a new careers site that fits seamlessly into your existing website. We'll also manage all recruitment processes and administration (contacting candidates, posting vacancies, arranging interviews etc.) for you up to employee start date. We have extensive recruitment experience across Finance, IT, Hospitality, and Compliance.

Think of us as your recruitment accountant - saving your business money & advising on best practice - just as a good accountant does.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) - Lite

RPO Lite is tailored specifically for organisations with sporadic and difficult to predict recruitment needs. Our clients are typically start-ups with new funding, or established SME's with who need to get a better handle on their hiring-process waste. Typically they do not have a dedicated in-house talent acquisition function, and they usually utilise expensive paid online tools like job-boards when needs arise. In many cases your employer-brand' is not as developed or maintained as well as it could be, and you have an associated overspend on agencies to help fill the gaps. These costs quickly add up.

Where do we come in?

We utilise our combined HR and Recruitment expertise to drastically reduce these costs for your business.  At the same time we will help decrease your time to hire and improve your employer branding and employer value proposition, in the eyes of valuable potential employees. The option to further reduce costs will then present itself by engaging us to manage & advise on your overall recruitment process annually - from career-site & applicant tracking system (ATS) creation, to  interview scheduling to to job offer. And we keep everything simple.

All this, while keeping your HR and hiring managers involved every step of the way.  Our experts have extensive & wide-ranging talent acquisition experience across almost every business sector. 

Are we a recruitment agency?

No. Our business model is not built around charging exhorbitant recruitment fees to find you staff. We have extensive recruitment experience across IT, Fintech, Financial and hospitality recruitment.  We help you to save you money by advising on simple yet effective projects to bring down your recruitment costs in short, medium and long term. And we do all the implementation and admin work.

You don't need to do a course, pay Linkedin a fortune, or become a social media ninja. Just make smart & simple investments that will complement the growth of your business.

Finsearch are a true talent acquisition consulting firm with real recruitment industry knowledge. We implement practical solutions to positively impact one of the major cost-centres for your business.  

    Talent Technology

    Combined career branding & simple Applicant tracking systems are the most efficient way to reduce recruitment cost and increase efficiencies. We implement seamless professional careers sites that do not require the use of a web-developer and come packaged into our Talent Acquisition solutions.

    Forecasting & analytics

    Our simple and effective forecasting techniques have real impact on cutting recruitment costs and decreasing time to hire. Our ATS solutions come with granular reporting suites for all of your stakeholders: with detail on hiring sources, referral programs, time to hire, and much more.

    Employer Branding

    How you market to your customers is one thing, how you engage potential employees is another. We craft content strategies, detailing your employer value proposition, culture, & company story. Your organisation will have a face that attracts right-fit passive and active candidates.

    Agency services

    In a hurry? We can apply our extensive recruitment experience to approach the market directly. Or (recommended) we will steward your agency relationships with niche providers - negotiating better rates & SLA's. We recommend using specialist recruiters and not large generalist agencies.

    Partnered Delivery

    We replace your recruitment uncertainty and multiple online costs with smart solutions: giving you an improved hiring process. Consultation is free.

    Distraction subtraction

    We remove the distractions of hiring, with intelligent management of your hiring process, enabling you to focus on customers or other HR tasks.

    Niche Expertise

    Our experts have wide ranging experience across multiple industries, & we understand how business works. We are uniquely positioned  to save you money, and hire faster.

    Reduce time to hire

    HR/management contacting hiring managers; Owners writing job ads; hundreds of emails, the list goes on and on. We cut it all, giving you back the time to work on your business.

    Tailored solutions

    Every business is different - we'll look at your unique operating environment and demonstrate exactly how we save you money, and how it translates into savings & faster hiring. 

    Save money

    Improved processes, employer branding, functionality, and communication = huge savings via the reduced need for external resources & increased staff retention.

    Client testimonials

    hmhco.com – Maeve O’Hagan

    Talent Acquisition Manager HMH, 2018 – “After working with Joe it was clear that he knew his trade well so it wasn’t a huge leap of faith to take him on as a supplier when working at Travelport Digital. Joe proved to be a diligent recruiter and wants to take care of his clients. Always sending good quality candidates to us, and keen to replicate our own ethos of good communication, I would highly recommend Joe to anyone wanting support on hiring. He knows his market and didn’t rest until he delivered the very best.”

    Recommendation source, Linkedin

    Ding.com – Aleksandra Smolinska CIPD

    Talent Acquisition Specialist at Ding.com, 2018 – “Our HR team contacted Finsearch and Joe quickly found us the perfect Senior Scrum Master hire for our business, who had to have some Salesforce experience. He was a pleasure to deal with, and he managed the req and our overall process from start to finish, representing us very well. He has super market and technical knowledge, and I’d have no hesitation recommending Finsearch Recruitment to anyone in my HR network”
    Recommendation source, Linkedin

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