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In 2019 Finsearch transitioned into a full RPO-lite provider, having previously supplied IT & Financial recruitment services into numerous multinationals in Ireland.

Prior to the move, we had helped a small number of companies in auditing their recruitment processes and helping implement applicant tracking solutions. We realised it was the best way for us to add long-term value in applying our talent acquisition knowledge.  We love the immediate impact that RPO-lite has for SME's, while building a better foundation for them to attract talent into the future.

Clear scientific research also indicates that our clients will reap further cost-reduction impacts, in terms of employee retention and referral benefits. They will achieve these savings by investing in their employer brand and hiring for fit.

Finsearch now help small & medium sized companies build their employer brand and reduce their recruitment costs in the short, medium, and long term.

In many cases the solutions we implement are those used by large multinationals, but in a more targeted and pinpoint manner. We turbo boost those same strategies by fueling them with your employer brand, surpassing the offering of contingent recruitment agencies almost every time.

Intelligent recruitment forecasting, with a low administrative burden for you (we take care of that), will yield positive tangible results. Everything is black and white with us: that’s our culture. And we extend that to our clients. If you’re interested in working for us, or with us, do get in touch. We love to talk about setting up recruitment functions, building employer brands, growing businesses, and saving money for SME’s.