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GDPR & your business

GDPR is a binding piece of legislation that comes into force in May 2018.

Finsearch professional recruitment manages the sourcing process for DPO’s, contracting project managers/Business analysts, and legal experts into your business. We are sector experts.


  • May 2018 deadline
  • 30,000 DPO jobs forecast
  • Non compliance = real fines
  • New function = talent shortage

Network & resources

Finsearch have worked with some of Europe’s largest organisations in sourcing GDPR related staff. We immerse ourselves in local workshops & evolving legislation, to better represent your brand to candidates.

We are a resource beyond simply contingency recruitment.

Staying up to date

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Where are you in your hiring process?

Seeking DPO/GDPR recruitment services

The team has been identified in your organisation and you need help sourcing permanent and/or contract staff, or running a recruitment project.


Advice on where to start with hiring

We don’t charge expensive consulting rates, and we work for free at this stage. Let’s discuss your situation and identify the type of help you need.


Privacy professionals interested in the market

Finsearch work a wide variety of clients.

From global financial services firms, telco’s, to GDPR education & audit software providers.

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