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Hiring managers need to say ‘No’ faster.

Talent acquisition and Human Resources professionals love to say a quick YES to submitted CV’s. As do Hiring Managers. In many cases the “Yes” moments of our days are what make it all worthwhile. The No’s however, can sometimes never come. But simply saying “No” faster to applicants can have a real impact on the entire organisation.

“No” is an overlooked power-word in TA (Talent Acquisition). Thinking about it differently can transform your organisation’s hiring success. That impact is magnified substantially when Hiring Managers say No, faster.

For simple yet powerful short-term wins, HR & TA teams should prioritise improving response times to submitted CV’s.

There are simple, real-world financial benefits of saying “No” to CV’s, faster.

Saying no to direct job applicants faster

From a direct applicant’s point of view, application uncertainty will make them less likely to apply again to your company, for a more suitable position. Bad word of mouth spreads faster than good. You could end up paying a recruitment agency for the same candidate in future because they heard nothing on their application in the past. (Financial benefit number 1.)

Getting Hiring Managers on board with the idea of saying no faster will contribute to better future hiring outcomes. Applicants that aren’t a match will move on with their job-searches, better informed, and have a more positive image of your organisation.

Saying no to recruitment agency CV’s faster

Traditional personnel models have generally disappeared and the new HR model tasks Hiring Managers with much more responsibility around staff hiring and performance appraisal. Along with their own work responsibilities, the burden can be difficult. Applicant CV’s can stay unreviewed for weeks or longer, despite vacancies remaining unfilled.

While acknowledging this unhappy reality, Line-Managers need to invest more time into saying No to submitted CV’s faster. If you don’t like a CV a recruiter has sent you, tell them! You can reap valuable rewards down the line in terms of work-life balance. How?

To delve deeper…

IT Recruitment Agencies are generally working for multiple clients in your sector, and the responsive clients generally get the best CV’s. It’s that simple. By engaging more with your TA contact or with supplier-agencies directly, the recruiter working on your vacancies will devote the majority of their time finding you the right candidates. You’ll get better quality staff, and with better staff also comes increased retention = less recruitment costs in future. (Financial benefit number 2.)

If you haven’t worked in recruitment this is perhaps not intuitive at first glance. The first thing to understand is that so much of a recruiter’s work goes into a black hole of uncertainty. On top of that, they’re working for free for your business until a successful placement is made. The job takes incredible resilience. On one side an agency recruiter is dealing with internal KPI demands (CV sends, placements and even call time can be a KPI in some agencies!). On the other side there are those deep intrinsic motivations that drive us all – we all seek meaning.

As a Hiring Manager you are competing for scarce talent that will make you and your team more successful. By investing more time into saying no to CV’s you don’t like, and working more closely with the people supplying you talent, you will get the best talent. Recruiters will continue to work hard on your vacancies if you’re explaining why existing submissions do not meet the mark, because you’re engaging. Our work and life KPI’s depend on engagement.

Better talent = less work down the line for you. (Financial benefit number 3.) The number one priority for Internal HR teams currently utilising agencies should be to facilitate communication between managers, recruiters and candidates as fast as possible. The knock on effects can be enormous.

Good recruitment agencies are the nexus of talent markets: by cleverly aligning and engaging with that plugged-in and hungry junior recruiter with a couple of years experience, you’ll be exposed to better talent, which in turn will impact your bottom line exponentially. Your people are your business.

These realities of life in the recruitment-trenches have meaningful impacts for businesses that need recruitment services, beyond simple SLA’s. Why not make a relatively simple change, and push more Hiring-Manager/TA engagement in your organisation? Start winning the war for talent.

With good feedback and open communications, your recruiter is also more likely to singularly represent your company to candidates, despite having similar positions open with other clients. This means that when you eventually make an offer to the right person, you’re much less likely to be competing with other companies offering the same candidates a job. Your time/money spent on the entire interview process is less likely to have been wasted. (Financial benefit number 4.)

For SME’s, aligning Hiring Managers more closely with TA is even more important considering the competition from big brands like Google and Facebook. Most large agencies will prioritise sending talent these blue-chip companies for various reasons. A simple communique showing internal hiring managers the benefits of faster feedback on CV’s could work wonders for increasing their hiring process engagement. SME’s can better compete with the global brands for talent, by tweaking internal hiring processes and responding to talent market realities.

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For SME's, getting Hiring Managers more closely aligned with TA is even more important considering the competition from big brands like Google and Facebook.