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Recruitment is a complex, time-consuming process. Let Finsearch take care of it.

Exclusive mandate flat fee

Lower rate per placement compared to contingent recruitment, as a percentage of starting salary, all levels

Exclusivity allows us to invest more of our time and extra resources in extending your brand meeting your brief.

One-off 12% fee paid as percentage of your new hire's starting salary, invoiced on start date.

Finsearch are exclusive recruitment partners for your executive hire for a set period of time (usually 2-4 weeks).

Employer branding builds an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and is scientifically proven to aid in long-term retention, engagement, commitment and motivation. Partnering exclusively allows us to more effectively represent your brand. You derive more long-term business value from the recruitment service we provide.

Contingent recruitment 

"Contingent recruitment" is defined as as situation where we are not your sole recruitment partners (e.g. other recruitment agencies or your own Talent Acquisition department are also working on the same positions).

Rate per placement, as a percentage of starting salary, for each hiring req.

A guarantee that we'll personally meet all prospective hires before interview within Ireland. And where practical - outside of Ireland

A guarantee that we'll personally meet all prospective hires before interview within Ireland. And where practical - outside of Ireland.

Video profiles of all introduced candidates where requested by your hiring managers.

Recruitment function setup, for SMEs

SME Recruitment Function setup(RPO) allows you to focus on your business, while we manage your recruitment function, careers site set-up, employer branding and ongoing hires.

At a fraction of the cost of a developer, we’ll integrate a beautiful, GDPR-compliant, fully responsive and SSL secure career site into your website.

Included is a premium ATS (applicant tracking system) on the back end, where you have complete shared access and control (without needing a tech background).

Finsearch can then maintain your recruitment function for you at a much-reduced contingency rate/percentage, act as an RPO (Recruitment Process Outsource) or your team can take things over completely via a simple handover.

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All of our fees are invoiced on candidate start date, payable up to 30 days after the start date of your new hire or completion of our work.

Fair rebate periods - we'll return the full fee in the unlikely event that your hire doesn't stay beyond four weeks. We'll give you 50% of the fee back if they don't stay beyond 4-8 weeks. And 25% if they don't stay beyond 9-12 weeks. This is expressed with full transparency in our terms of business.

Finsearch are experts in IT, Fintech & Financial mid to senior talent recruitment. Like all great search teams, of course we're well networked. But more importantly for your business, we understand how commerce and relationships work. We take a dedicated professional approach, and have the sectoral and personal experience to represent your brand to senior talent.

We extend your brand, become part of your team, and guarantee delivery of the best talent on the market.

Hello, my name is Joseph Sullivan, Director at Finsearch Professional Recruitment. I have successfully placed experienced executives across a variety of industry sectors. I have completed a Masters in Human Resource Management from DCU (CIPD-accredited) to better understand the dependencies of your key stakeholders.

We ensure a fully confidential, efficient, and well-managed process for all of our clients. There are three executive recruitment options:

IT Recruitment agency services
Service Type
IT Recruitment agency services
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Finsearch professional Recruitment,
Liffey Trust Centre,1 N Wall Quay, ,Dublin IFSC -Dublin 1,
Telephone No.01 5563446
Dublin, Ireland, EU
Permanent & Contract senior to executive recruitment | Individual IT & Fintech Recruitment projects, on a contingent basis | Retained Recruitment Services: Finsearch exclusively handle your hiring needs for a specific time period – Retained search is more effective, and better value than contingent | Recruitment Function set up: Finsearch creates complete recruitment function from scratch. Suitable for SME’s gearing for growth.