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Moving towards Agile Project Management – recent research

Prevalence of Agile in the current Project manager jobs market

September 2019: A cursory job search on some of the main Job search engines will highlight the increasing need for Agile experience in the Project management sphere.

There are currently 1141 Project manager jobs on Irish jobs, and 125 of those mention the use of Agile. On LinkedIn, there’s 2700 Project Manager jobs in Ireland, with 576 returning in the search for “Agile Project manager”.

While clearly not an exact science, both search results indicate that Agile is becoming more pervasive in the Project Manager jobs space.

Modelling a move from Traditional to Agile Project Management

A recent paper by Sanchez, Micaelli, Bonjour, & Monticolo (June 2019) , may be of interest to all grades of project managers, Senior project managers and Change managers. The paper models how to achieve ‘agilification’ of an organisations’ PM methodology.

The paper was executed in an IT software organisation, with 2000 consultant employees, and the PM process subject was schedule management.

The paper makes three practical contributions that should be of interest. Perhaps the most useful of the three is the modelling and conception of an agilification scenario, where practitioners created the order of tasks they had to implement for reaching the agile maturity level required by the organisation (Absent, Adaptive, Proactive, Complex, Global). This order depended on industry needs, project uncertainty levels, duration, and complexity.

The paper will give a good starting point to those considering a move to Agile project management themselves, or for their organisation/teams. This is despite shortcomings in relation to strategy and the fact that the models are not yet ready for use.

You can find a link to the paper here.

You may not have access to that journal, but you can get access generally to journals for free in Public libraries (the Ilac centre in Dublin for example) or your old college login may get you access to your online college library. Alternatively, you could purchase access through your company.


Sanchez, F., Micaelli, J.P., Bonjour, E. and Monticolo, D., 2019. A Step for Improving the Transition Between Traditional Project Management to Agile Project Management Using a Project Management Maturity Model. The Journal of Modern Project Management, 7(1).

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A recent paper (May 2019) by Sanchez, Micaelli, Bonjour, & Monticolo (2019), may be of interest to all grades project managers, Senior project managers and Change managers. The paper models how to achieve ‘agilification’ of an organisations’ Project management methodology.