What is Salesforce for HR

What is Salesforce? In context – for Human Resources Professionals

Key Facts About Salesforce.com The Company

Founded in 1999, Salesforce.com/SFDC was one of the first software as a service companies (SaaS) to achieve success in the CRM (Customer relationship management tool) business market. Best known for its CRM product, Salesforce offers many other products today including:

  • Service Cloud.
  • Marketing Cloud.
  • Financial Services Cloud.
  • Einstein Analytics
  • Custom Apps (e.g., Salesforce Platform, Lightning, and Heroku Enterprise).

Financially, Salesforce has enjoyed significant revenue and profit growth over the past few years. In 2018, the company earned $10.5 billion US dollars in revenue and had over 25,000 employees. The company’s annual professional conference, Dreamforce, remains one of the largest technology conferences globally. These figures matter because a healthy, thriving Salesforce means more innovation and promotion for Salesforce developers across the world. Corresponding new salesforce development vacancy predictions are through the roof.

How Much Do Salesforce Developers Earn?

Having answered ‘what is salesforce’, you’re likely interested in this area because you’ve been tasked with helping build out a team of talented professionals. Your company likely needs ‘Salesforce’ staff with experience of development, because the ‘out of the box’ or standard CRM product that your company uses needs significant modification to meet your organisation’s particular CRM needs.

Confusion can arise between people who work at Salesforce the company, and those who work ON Salesforce’s software. The staff that you need, are people who have worked in companies that use Salesforce as their CRM. For example, Deutsche bank use Salesforce as their CRM tool. So they have lots of staff that work on their Salesforce installation, to make it perfect for their business needs. Forgive the over-explanation but this is an important distinction!

Salesforce salaries vary widely depending on your level of expertise and experience. To give you a sense of the opportunities available, take note of the following salary ranges on Payscale (in reality market rates are substantially higher in the UK & Ireland).

Typical salary ranges only tell part of the story. You also need to consider market demand for Salesforce developers. Let’s take a brief look at employer demand for Salesforce developer skills.

This data tells us that Salesforce opportunities are growing in Ireland. The exact demand for Salesforce development talent is likely much higher than the job postings suggest. According to a recent study of the Irish job market, sales and customer service jobs are high growth fields. 

As these job roles grow, there will be more demand to equip these employees with software. As sales departments grow with more staff and complex sales, there is a need to manage these sales activities. That increased sales volume and complexity contributes to demand for Salesforce developers.

How Salesforce Professionals stand out?

Proclaiming “I’m a Salesforce developer!” is generally not enough to stand out and earn attention from employers. If you are already in a Salesforce development job, you can of course point directly to your current experience. Even then, that experience may not be enough: progressing through the relevant certifications will make you stand out not just to HR CV screeners, but also AI applicant tracking systems that are scoring your application. In addition, certs may help you cross from one vertical to another (e.g. Financial to pharma).

     As you’re probably aware, Salesforce has developed an extensive training and professional development program, and most employers will cover some or all of the cost. One of the hot topics for HR professionals at CIPD conferences in recent years is the importance of self-directed learning evidence in candidate applications. Getting your certs done ticks the box for getting past those gatekeepers who may be unfamiliar with your expertise or the niche salesforce economy. 

Some of the most essential certs are:

  • Platform App Builder. Earning this certification shows that you can build custom software based on the Salesforce platform. To earn this certification, Salesforce recommends that you have 6-12 months of work experience before pursuing the credential.
  • Platform Developer I. To earn this credential, candidates must demonstrate skill across several areas: Salesforce fundamentals, data modelling and management, logic and process automation, and user interface. The recommended online training program for this credential offered by Salesforce takes approximately 49 hours to complete.
  • Platform Developer II. Completing this credential is an excellent way to demonstrate above-average expertise in Salesforce development. To earn this credential, you must earn several prerequisites first including “Platform Developer 1” and other training.
  • B2C Commerce Developer. If you want to work in the thriving e-commerce sector, this might be the right credential for you. By earning this certification, you will become a master at using Salesforce Commerce Cloud Digital.
  • Marketing Cloud Developer. Despite the name, Salesforce also makes great products for online marketing. If you’re interested in applying your development skills to help marketing, we recommend this credential. It covers landing pages, reporting, scripting languages, and more.

The Challenge in building a Salesforce Career

Robust Salesforce technical skills & certifications will open doors for developers, as will related Java experience. However, that isn’t enough to build a thriving career. How do you evaluate different employers? Which will provide the best growth opportunities? A large firm can offer the opportunity to specialize in a narrow area while a small firm will often expect you to operate more as a generalist.

What if you could work with an outside expert to help you navigate the job market? That’s one of the ways that a professional recruiter can help grow your career. A recruiter will know if a company is hiring their first Salesforce developer or their tenth developer. Market insights will help you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each particular job offer. Further, recruiters have access to job opportunities that are never posted to public websites, so working with a specialist Salesforce recruiter will expose you to more opportunities.

A recruiter can also give advice on how to design the most important document in your career: your online resume. If you present key data in the wrong way, you are likely to miss opportunities. According to a 2010 research article “Online Resumes: Optimizing Design to Service Recruiters (agency and in-house),” the most important data in your online resume include:

  • Years of relevant professional experience and projects worked on. Generally speaking, this is the most common question you will be asked during interviews and recruiting.
  • Clear Job Titles. If a past employer used an unusual term like “Salesforce technologist” instead of “Salesforce developer,” that terminology could just cost you opportunities.
  • Level of education completed. Recruiters want to know how much formal & niche education you have.

A niche recruiter can help you formulate your resume for specific organisations. And help you on what to emphasise at interview, and bring up if the interviewers don’t. For example, some companies are hot on self-directed learning, while others are hot on your most recent project in minute detail.

Your Next Step To Grow Your Salesforce Development team

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